Outlook Is Not an Option in QuickBooks Send Forms Preferences

by jonathan

Outlook Is Not an Option in QuickBooks Send Forms Preferences

by jonathan

by jonathan

If Outlook is not an option in QuickBooks send forms preferences, then this article provides solutions to all problems. QuickBooks is a business solutions software that offers payments, billing and payroll management facilities, and cloud functionality to small and medium enterprises.

Outlook Is Not an Option in QuickBooks Send Forms PreferencesCauses Of Outlook Is Not an Option in QuickBooks Send Forms Preferences

When the emailing options are changed in QuickBooks, Outlook might be missing. This might be due to one of the following reasons:

  • An older Click-To-Run version of MS Office, such as 2010 version, is being run.
  • User’s profile hasn’t been created in MS Outlook.
  • The default mail application isn’t Outlook.
  • Outlook isn’t the chosen email application in Internet Explorer.
  • QuickBooks is being hosted in the cloud, and MS Office isn’t installed as the hosted application by the service provider.

The solutions below must be tried I the given order. It is recommended that an IT expert be hired for performing the steps given in the solutions


NOTE: Before beginning, the latest QuickBooks version must eb installed.

1: Ensuring that the Outlook version has support

  • Users need to verify their Outlook version by visiting the Microsoft site or by checking the Outlook Ribbons.
  • Next, they must verify the Outlook version is compatible with the current version of QuickBooks. To do so, there are different system requirements for QuickBooks 2016-2018 and Enterprise Solutions 16.0-18.0

2: Making Outlook the default mail program

For Outlook 2010/2013: Users must select the File tab and then select Options. Then, in the Startup Options, choose “Make Outlook the default program for E-mail, Contacts, and Calendar”.

For Outlook 2007 and before: Users must select Tools and then Options. Then they must choose the other tab. Then, in General settings, they must choose “Make Outlook the default program for Email”.

If there are several Outlook profiles, Outlook might ask users to choose one every time Outlook is started, Outlook is not an option in QuickBooks send forms preferences. If there’s no default profile, QuickBooks won’t find Outlook. So, when Outlook is started, users must select a profile and then select “Set As Default”.

3: Setting the default email program in Internet Explorer

Before starting, users must have MS Outlook, Outlook Express or Microsoft Mail. Users must also have the ability to send and receive mails from the chosen profile.

Users must go to Internet Explorer and select Tools -> Internet Options and then the Program tab. Next, they must follow the steps for their version of Internet Explorer:

Internet Explorer 7.0, 8.0 and 9.0:

  • Users must first choose Set Programs located the window bottom and then select Set Your Default Programs. Then, the email application must be chosen. Next, Set This Program As Default must be chosen and then OK.
  • Next, choose Set Program Access And Computer Defaults and then choose Microsoft Windows.
  • Then, the drop-down arrow must be clicked and then Use My Current Microsoft E-Mail Program chosen. Now, choose OK.

Internet Explorer 6.0:

  • Internet Explorer must be closed and reopened. Then, select Tools ->Internet Options, followed by the Program
  • Then choose Outlook as the email application in Internet Programs and choose OK.
  • Then, go the QuickBooks Edit menu and choose Preferences. Now, select Send Forms and then select the My Preferences tab. Then, in Send Email Using part, choose the preferred email program.

4: Editing Mail Profile settings in Windows

  • After closing QuickBooks, users must press the Windows Start button to open the Control Panel. Then in the Search Control Panel section, type Mail and select Mail from the results screen.
  • Then, in the Mail Setup window users must choose Show Profiles and then choose Always Use This Profile and then select OK.
  • Now, users must open QuickBooks and try to use Outlook.

5: Editing the WIN.INI file in Windows

  • Users must press the Windows key type C:\Windows\ and press Enter. Then, right-clicking the WIN.INI file, users must Copy and Paste the file in another location as backup.
  • Now, users must return to the C:\Windows folder and open the WIN.INI file. The file will contain many section headings. Users must locate the one with [Mail].
  • If the [Mail] section isn’t present, it must be added to the end of the file with the text provided below.
  • If the [Mail] section is found, but the text provided below isn’t present in the section, it must be added.



NOTE: If users can’t edit the WIN.INI file because of Windows user permissions, they must log in as Administrator and try again.

  • After the file is edited it must be saved and closed and then QuickBooks restarted. Then in QuickBooks Edit menu, choose Preferences and then Send Forms. This should make Outlook an option.
  • If the problem isn’t resolved, the WIN.INI file must be edited again and the text that was added must be removed, or the file must be replaced by the copy that had been saved before.


6: Running Detect and Repair in Outlook

As Office 2013 is supported by QuickBooks 2013 and later editions, users might have to retry solutions 1 and 2 after Outlook is repaired.

7: Uninstalling and reinstalling Office and QuickBooks

This must be done in the given order:

First QuickBooks must be uninstalled and then Office. Next, Office must be reinstalled and then Outlook is not an option in QuickBooks send forms preferences.

8: Resolving with Microsoft

This process must be carried out by a system administrator, as it involves editing the registry, which if done incorrectly can seriously damage the system.

If the issue isn’t solved, the Outlook registry key is probably damaged.

For any further queries/assistance, please contact our Accountingissue QuickBooks Technical Support Team at this toll-free helpline number 1800-797-5219. Our Accountingissue tech support helpdesk personnel can provide 24X7 assistance for any QuickBooks product-related issue like Outlook is not an option in QuickBooks send forms preferences.

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