Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

by jonathan considers the security and privacy of their customer as the top priority and thus has incepted the privacy policy as per their requirements. Go through the below mentioned points that give you a detail privacy policy information followed by the company.

1. Collection of Private Data of the Clients:

On visiting the official website the customers/clients needs to provide all the private data that are usually asked for the common procedure to be followed to move ahead within the website. The personal data collected from the customers are saved within highly classified servers located in the United States of America. Usually the personal data asked by the website for the proceedings include the complete name of the user, location of the user, address (current and permanent), right email id, approachable contact information; date of birth, current occupation. Also the user has to accord all the details of billing, that is highly imperative. The issuing date and expiry date of the credit card is stored and used for the purpose of billing when the order is placed. Once the user is determined about the purchase of the software/service, further some added details will be asked to the user to provide related to their business. The extra details is used for the activation of the software in the future. Sometimes minute details plays lot of importance for a best purchase.

2. Children Policy (Below 13): curbs to collect the private information of an individual of 13 years of age according to the policy. If the information is asked or collected in any circumstance it will instantly removed and deleted informing the related authorities who handle the database of your company.

3. Association through Newsletters and Email:

The customer care service to is always approachable and accord customers credentials such as: update the registered email address to send the newsletters that provides a clear status about the recent latest updates if made in the privacy policy, terms & conditions and even in the refund policy of the company. The altered document will be emailed successfully to you via your registered email and the same will be used to send offers of promotion of best deals made by the company linked with our products you are interested in.

4. Share Personal Data & Retention:

At the company representatives have all the rights on the crucial data/details acquired by the clients until the you complete business operation or the data acquired is involved with some legal influence. High level care is provided to the data with complete responsibility to the details and it is not or revealed to any other agency or assistance company until and unless it is served with legal notice.

5. Top Level Security:

At we provide high level security to you personal data & information collected from the users that includes Customer’s Date of Birth, bank credit card details, personal location and many more that the user details when he moves ahead with the registration procedure of the website along with the order forms as SSL technology which is renowned as best security language as it is used for the same.

6.Crucial Links:, the official platform is bound to have the links/connections of all the reports from third party agency also other user’s details, Privacy policy varies as mentioned in the website.

7. Changes and Adjustments in Near Future:

The related individual who has made the privacy policy has authority to change and make adjustment in the Privacy policy considering the needs of the enterprise. The changes done will be emailed to the customers via the email id registered with the company.