Proforma Invoice QuickBooks

by jonathan

Proforma Invoice QuickBooks

by jonathan

by jonathan

This article is about creating pro form invoices in QuickBooks and converting them into regular invoices. Businesses generally offer custom pricing with the help of sales quotes that are based on certain specifications.

Proforma Invoice QuickBooks

These are generally issued by companies in the form of pro forma invoices, estimates.

  • Based on the situation and requirement, sales quota can be emailed with the help of dedicated documents that were directly generated.
  • By default, QuickBooks categories bids under one place called Estimates. These documents can be emailed directly from the user’s QuickBooks account. The documents can later be converted into invoices after the transaction is completed.

NOTE: Users can change the name of the estimate to ‘Quote’ or ‘Pro Forma Invoice’ by going to the settings.

Just like invoices, estimates, by default, possess two message boxes. In these boxes, users can list terms, requirements or notes connected to the future transaction.

Users have the option to change the style and elements by going to the Settings tab.

Using it in QuickBooks

It is a type of commercial document that elaborates on products and services and gives a client all the payment details. The pro forma invoice has an estimation/quote for the client that lists the quantities, details about the seller, products, etc.

QuickbooksIssuing it in QuickBooks

  • Pro forma invoices are not part of the sales docs in QuickBooks. Follow these steps for changing the name of estimates:
  • First, users must click on the gear icon that’s located in the right corner at the top and then select Form Styles, followed by New Style.
  • Next, in the Header tab, the name in the field that’s labelled Estimates must be changed to Pro Forma Invoice or another name, as per the requirement. Then, save the change.

Converting quotes into invoices in QuickBooks

Using the ‘Create Invoice’ button, estimates can be converted to invoices. In this scenario, all the invoice sections are repopulated with data that was copied from the estimate.

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