QuickBooks Change User Password

by jonathan

QuickBooks Change User Password

by jonathan

by jonathan

This article shows you how you can QuickBooks Change User Password when there are security updates or other changes. QuickBooks provides business solutions related to payments, billing &payroll and cloud customization to small and medium-sized businesses.

QuickBooks Change User Password

In QuickBooks, users need to type in their password to access the company file. The Admin user is automatically created by QuickBooks, after which users can create other users with separate user names and passwords.

Things to Keep In Mind While Setting Passwords

  • Set complex passwords consisting of a minimum seven characters (letters, numbers, special characters), minimum one number and at least one letter in uppercase.
  • As passwords are case-sensitive the Caps Lock and Num Lock keys must be checked while creating the passwords. If the program isn’t accepting the password you created, it’s possible that either one or both keys were active when the password was created.
  • There must be no spaces in passwords.
  • When the login screen seeks a password, but not the user name, it is the Admin’s login screen. If users have a non-admin log in, they must close and reopen QuickBooks.

User Wants To Change His/Her Password

  • To do this, users must go to Company and then Set Up UsersAnd Passwords, followed by Change Your Password.
  • Then, they must type in their current password. Now, the new password must be set up, along with a challenge question. When this is done, OK must be selected.

User Has Forgotten/Lost His/Her Password

Resetting password using challenge question

  • First, users must select I Forgot My Password in the QuickBooks login screen. Then, they must provide the answer to the security question and select OK.
  • Next, they must select Close when this message appears:
  • Your password and challenge answer and question have been removed, and your company file is no longer password-protected. When you close this window, you will be asked to create your new password and select and answer your challenge question.
  • Now a new password and another challenge question must be typed in and then OK selected.

QuickBooks Change User Password

  • Only the QuickBooks Admin can change another user’s password.
  • To do so, user must log in to the company file as the admin and then navigate to Company and then set up Users and Passwords, followed by Set up Users.
  • In case there’s a prompt, user must type in the password again.
  • Then from the User list, the user whose password is to be changed must be chosen and then Edit User must be selected.
  • Now, the new password must be typed in, and then next should be selected twice, followed by Finish.
  • Resetting Administrator’s password using reset code
  • The Admin’s password can be changed in two ways:
  • Resetting the admin’s password in QuickBooks:
  • To do this, I Forgot My Password must be chosen in the QuickBooks login window. Here, I Forgot My Answer must be chosen, and the required information must be filled up.

The other option is to use the Automated Password Reset Tool to reset the admin’s password. Please contact the Accountingissue QuickBooks Technical Support Team about how to do this.


NOTE: User will receive the reset code on his/her registered email address. It must be ensured that the information entered is correct. The first and last name provided must be of whoever had purchased or activated QuickBooks initially.

Quickbooks Support

If users are unable to reset passwords despite taking the above steps or they seek more information, they should call the Accountingissue QuickBooks Technical Support Team at this toll-free helpline number 1800-797-5219. The Accountingissue helpdesk staff can provide 24X7 help on the matter and other QuickBooks-related issues.

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