QuickBooks Company File Is Used By Another Application

by jonathan

QuickBooks Company File Is Used By Another Application

by jonathan

by jonathan

QuickBooks Company File

As we all know that QuickBooks is a accounting software that is widely in demand and helps business owners in many ways. With its advanced features, it has made the managing of business accounts very easy. It is created specifically to answer the accounting needs and issues of the medium as well as small scale industries. Though QuickBooks ensures error free and safe management of your business, and you won’t face any problem with the company file. Rarely, there might be a situation where you may some errors. The most common one is that company file of QuickBooks is used by other application. The reasons why this problem occurs are listed below :

  • Installation of QuickBooks is corrupted
  • Company file is hosted by the computer which isn’t a server
  • Network setup is not correct
  • Company file (.qbw) and transaction log file (.tlg) doesn’t match and a mismatch exists
  • Damaged company file
  • This error also occurs when the file is opened locally


Method 1: Multi-user mode is used for opening the file

  • Check the Task Bar carefully, whether the company is opened already or not
  • Check whether the company is opened in Single User Mode by other users
  • Find the machine in which Single User Mode is open and switch it to the Multi-User Mode by going to the File

Method 2: Location of the data file is in server

  • Get all the Sage e Accounting instances closed on all the machines
  • Go to Server PC and get the Task Manager opened. Hold Ctrl + Alt + Del keys together and then select Start Task Manager
  • Then tap on Processes tab
  • Don’t forget to enable the checkbox or button saying, Show processes from all users
  • Search the process mysqld.exe and then click on the End Process
  • If Sage 50 accounting 2013 version or older is used then this process will be termed as mysqld-nt.exe
  • Get the file folder of SAJ company opened
  • Then delete process.pid file manually
  • If you still face the problem then try rebooting the server

Method 3: Data file is stored on server but you can’t immediately access it

  • Open the explorer
  • Get the SAI and SAJ copied to the desktop from server as temporary measure
  • Then go to the desktop and get the company file opened
  • If you are unable to open the file, then let the server’s latest backup restored
  • If you are able to open the file, then make sure that company file is closed
  • Wait till the time you are able to have an access of the server
  • Start rebooting the server
  • Now overwrite the files of SAI and SAJ to server back again from desktop copy
  • Remember to get the desktop file copy deleted

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Method 4: Location of data is in the folder of My Documents but it is getting redirected towards the server also inside SAJ folder Process.pid does not exist

  • Get the .SAI file and .SAJ folder copied to the local computer’s C: drive
  • If you see the file opening to new location then click on the File and then Save as it to its original location, which is in mydocuments, with the new name of the file
  • .SAJ folder should be deleted after that
  • You will be shown that the folder was not deleted
  • You can’t rename the folder, which is the original one

There are more methods to get rid of this problem and to get the details of them you can get in touch with our QuickBooks help team. Experts at QuickBooks application help team are always ready to serve you 24*7. You can contact our QuickBooks Technical Support team through our +1800-797-5219.

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