QuickBooks Database Server Manager Download

by jonathan

QuickBooks Database Server Manager Download

by jonathan

by jonathan

This article describes the QuickBooks Database Server Manager (QBDBSM) and how it can be downloaded, installed and run. QuickBooks is accounting software that provides payments, billing &payroll and cloud functionality to small and medium-sized businesses.

QuickBooks Database Server Manager

The QuickBooks Database Server Manager lets users configure the QuickBooks Server, so that several users can have access to it.

Information on the QuickBooks Database Server Manager:

  • QBDBSM creates Network Data files (*.nd) for all company files in the host computer.

Installing QuickBooks Database Server Manager

  • First the installer for QuickBooks must be double-clicked for initiating the Installation Wizard.
  • Then, users must select Next if the computer is connected to a network and can download an update. If not, then No must be selected, followed by Next.
  • Now, all open programs must be closed and then Next selected. Then, users must choose I Accept The Terms In The License Agreement and then select Next

Next, Custom Or Network Options must be chosen. Following this, the installation type must be selected:

  • If QuickBooks will be run on the current system, “I’ll Be Using QuickBooks On This Computer AND I’ll Be Storing… “must be selected.
  • If only the QuickBooks data will be stored in the current system, “I Will NOT Be Using QuickBooks On This Computer…,“must be selected.


If “I Will NOT Be Using QuickBooks On This Computer…, “ is selected, then the license number need not be entered.

Next, “Yes, Allow Access” must be chosen. Now, the License Number and Product Number must be provided. This can be found by looking at the text at the window’s bottom.

Now, the instructions for completing the installation must be followed and once the Database Server Manger is installed, it must be set up.

Updating the QuickBooks Database Server Manager

  • The QBDBSM might have to be updated at regular intervals. Usually, this is required if a new year of QB Desktop is installed or a critical update to the current year has been released.
  • First the patch must be downloaded by updating QuickBooks to the latest release. The patch for the server is same as for workstations.
  • After the patch has been installed, it is necessary to reboot the server. After the server is updated, the following message will/might appear on the workstation:
  • “The company file needs to be updated to work with this version of QuickBooks Desktop.”
  • Now, users will be prompted for creating a backup, as the updates can change the structure of the database.
  • Once the backup is created, users must follow the prompts. Users should then be able to access the file.

The QBDBSM can be used for the following:

  • Scanning folders for QB company files that must be configured to provide multi-user access
  • Monitoring local drives for automatic configuration of new company files

For any further assistance on the QuickBooks Database Server Manager, please call our Accountingissue QuickBooks Technical Support Team at this toll-free number 1800-797-5219.

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