Sage 50 Accounts Installation Error 1603

by jonathan

Sage 50 Accounts Installation Error 1603

by jonathan

by jonathan

What is Sage 50 Error 1603?

Sage Error 1603 occurs during the installation process of the Sage 50 software.It is often known as the “install shield error”. Sometimes it is followed by the error 1721 or 1722, which is also a installation or installation software . Along with Error 1721 or 1722, you can also encounter the error 1935. When a user is installing the Sage 50 software in their Microsoft Windows operating system, they can encounter with the error 1603. There are various reasons which can lead to the occurrence of this error such as the corrupt installation files or other software installed in your system interfering with the Sage 50 software you are currently installing.

Sage 50 Accounts Installation Error 1603

Some other reasons which may also lead to the occurrence of the error 1603 are:

  • .NET framework issues
  • Shortage of space in the disk drive
  • User Account Control Settings with the Microsoft Windows vista/7/8/8.1/10.
  • Other software such as Windows Firewall or Antivirus creating problems.

Sage 50 is an accounting software which was manufacture for the small and medium size organization so that they can focus more on creating strategies and plan for the growth of their business rather than their financial and accounting needs. If you are having any trouble while working on the Sage 50 software, you can contact the customer support of sage by calling on their toll free number 1800-797-5219. The is always available to provide you with their assistance.


This error can occur due to various reason, so here are the necessary steps to be taken to resolve the Sage 50 error 1603 if you don’t have space problem in your system.

When there is not enough space in your disk drive: There may be few instances when you may not have enough space in your disk drive. You just have to go to windows explorer. Then by going to the “my computer” you can easily calculate the space in your drives. According to the space in your drive you can select the custom installer and the driver in which you want to install the Sage 50 software. Sometimes due to lack of space is also due to the presence of the viruses or other malicious software. There presence in the PC can often effect the space in hard drive. To remove them you have to run the Antivirus software in your system. For more accuracy of space you should consider an option for the defragmentation of the disk too. It will provide you enough space. For defragmentation you have to follow the following steps:

  • Right click on the disk drive in which you want to install the software and have less space.
  • Now select the Properties and then go to the tools tab
  • Now there is an option called the disk defragmentation. Click on it.
  • Now you have to click on analyse. So that you can analyse the space of your disk drive.
  • If your drive needs a disk defragmentation, then perform the action by selecting the defragment option.

Now, after performing this action, you should have enough space to install the Sage 50 software. There are more ways to rectify the Sage error especially error 1603. But if you need the customer support assistance you can contact them by dialing their toll free number 1800-797-5219.

Sage 50: Error 1628 – Failed to Complete Installation

One of the foremost reasons why managing the administrative and accounting side of the businesses have become easier is due to software like Sage 50. The software not only handles the mundane part of our business, such as accounting, payroll and so on but also spread up our process and bring a semblance to our chaos schedule. And, of course, it lets us concentrate on what we are here to do – run a business!

There are, however, certain issues that can arise while handling this software and these minor hiccups can be handled well if we have a customer support team to guide us through the process. Some of the technical problems, although, require a little help from the Sage tech support team. There are some errors, which can be resolved at our end too. Here, we will look into the solutions for errors such as 1628 and other ‘INSTALLATION ERRORS’ which occur while installing Sage 50.

What is Error 1628?

During the installation process of Sage 50, one might encounter several errors, such as 1603, 1721 or 1722 and so on. These errors, collectively called the ‘Install Shield Error’, can occur due to various reasons, such as corrupt installation files, compatibility issues with the operating system or any other software interfering with the installation.

One such error that the users can also encounter is the Error 1628.  The message on the window will read –




The below-mentioned steps can come to aid while dealing with this issue:

How to resolve Error 1628?

Step – 1

Sometimes, the installation errors might occur due to a problem with a program interfering with the installation process. To remove this block or to stop other programs from interfering,

  • Download Microsoft Easy Fix Utility and RUN the program to check.

Step – 2

The installation errors not only pop-up during installation, but also while uninstalling. As a solution:

  • Press the keys – WINDOWS + R – this will open the run command window.
  • On the space provided, type – REGEDIT and press ‘OK’
  • Now, click on the FILE and EXPORT it to create a back-up of the registry
  • From the list, click on EDIT and FIND
  • On the space provided in the search window, type ‘SAGE 50’ and click ‘FIND’
  • The search will display a series of programs. Find the one you are trying to uninstall.
  • Find ‘UNINSTALLSTRING’ – this key is usually found on the right-side of the screen. DOUBLE-CLICK on uninstall string key, to copy it.
  • Once done, click ‘OK’ to close the ‘REGISTER EDITOR’.
  • Again, press WINDOW+R key and type CMD in the space provided. Click ‘OK’ to select
  • Right-click on the DOS WINDOW and click ‘PASTE’
  • Press ENTER – a series of screen prompts appear. Complete them, to uninstall

But, if even after the above solution has been tried out, and you are unable to uninstall the program, call our Sage technical support team for assistance.

Remember that Sage 50 customer support team does not provide assistance for any technical issues related to third-party enhancements or hardware. In case of problems with the Sage 50 and related products, call in for assistance at their given customer care numbers to resolve the issue immediately.

Sage 50 installations can only be done once in a particular computer. In case you are trying to upgrade to a different version, there are other ways to do it.

To upgrade or change Sage 50 versions (when Sage 50 is already installed on your computer)

  • Click open Sage 50
  • Click HELP MENU on the homepage
  • Select Sage 50 ACTIVATION
  • Click the version of Sage 50 you want to install or upgrade

The ‘INSTALLATION ERRORS’ other than 1628 may be due to many issues such as picking a wrong executable to install the version we want or incomplete un-installation of the present program. To ensure you install the correct version, follow the steps mentioned above, and:

  • Once you have selected the version you want to install, click NEXT
  • Follow the prompts to successfully install the new version of Safe 50.

No storage space in the Disk?

Another common installation error is ERROR 1603, which can arise again due to many reasons, and one of them being lesser disk space to download the new version. Of course, clearing up some space can take care of this Error permanently.

Before clearing up space, ensure that there is no virus in the system which is interfering with the installation. Run an anti-virus scan to determine the problem. Alternatively, select a different drive to install the software, by clicking on ‘MY COMPUTER’ option.



Disk fragmentation can also be considered as an option for freeing some space to install Sage 50.

To fragment the disk:

  • Select ‘DISK DRIVE’ by right-clicking on the one you want to install the software
  • Click on DISK FRAGMENTATION and analyze the space left to check if it requires fragmentation, and complete the action.

The software can now be installed successfully.

The installation errors can mostly be sorted out through the above-mentioned processes. However, in case of any difficulties, call in our Sage 50 technical support team for further help on the issue. Sage 50 Customer support team extends help to all technical issues regarding installation, uninstalling or renewing the software as well as upgrading processes or other errors that appear while using the software. Try our 24*7 customer care number +1800-797-5219 for instant support.

What is

The accountingissue is the third party consultancy which provides their expertise in the Sage related problems to their users who need assistance while working on Sage 50 software. They are a team of sage experts who are available round the clock to provide you with their assistance whenever you are having troubles with sage or facing some errors. To connect with them, you just have to call on their toll free number 1800-797-5219. You can also visit the website “” and chat with the technical support executive for instant support.

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