Sage 50 Error Cannot be started

by jonathan

Sage 50 Error Cannot be started

by jonathan

by jonathan

The Sage 50 is the accounting software which is available in both desktop and cloud version. Along with the accounting services it also has other add on services such as payroll services and credit card processing.

Sage 50 Error Cannot be startedIt has many exceptional features such as inventory management, module level security, bill payments, cash flow,etc. Even though it improves your business there are certain situations when the user might encounter some error such as “Sage 50 Error- Cannot be Started”. In that situation you can call the sage customer support by calling on their toll free number 1800-797-5219.

What Is Sage 50 Error ?

This Sage 50 error basically occurs in the Sage 50 product of the U.S. Edition. In these situation the users basically reboots the system. The user will receive this error code:

“Error: Sage 50 cannot be started, please reboot.”


“Error: Sage50 Accounting cannot be started. Please try again.”

The causes for this error are:

  • The presence of the outdated or damaged files in the folders.
  • Damaged reports in the company folder.
  • The Pervasive might not be running.
  • The server network may be set to the Public.
  • The shortcut present in the system may be damaged.
  • There might be some issue with the compatibility mode setting on the shortcut.


Here are few steps which the user can follow and eliminate this Sage 50 error:

Method I: Uncheck the compatibility setting

  • Click on the Properties option when you right click on the Sage 50 software.
  • Now click and open the Compatibility tab.
  • There is an option Change setting for all users, click on that option.
  • There is an option know as the Run this program in the compatibility mode. Make sure that box is checked.
  • Click on OK and then return back to the Sage 50 shortcut properties windows.
  • Click on OK.

Method II: Try to recreate the shortcut

  • Right click on the Sage 50 shortcut and delete it.
  • Browse to the Program path in your system.
  • Now right click on the Peachw.exe file and then select the Send to option, then click on Desktop (Create the shortcut).
  • Now rename the shortcut.


Here are two methods by which you can resolve this error. If the users still have some query, they can call on the toll free number +1800-797-5219.

What is

The accountingissue is the third party consultancy who provides the sage expertise. They have Sage certified and authorized users who helps the Sage users when they have some related problems. There are certain circumstances when the users may not be able to contact the Sage customer support. In those situation they can contact the accountingissue for assistance. To contact the the users just have to call on their technical support number 1800-797-5219.

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