Sage 50 Could not be Started

by jonathan

Sage 50 Could not be Started

by jonathan

by jonathan

Sage 50 is famous as one of the best accounting software for small, starts up and medium size businesses. Business proprietor runs their business with small employee, they are not able to manage their big accounts department. Therefore Sage 50 will be a complete solution to manage the accounts section. Sage 50 is a vast software which have numerous characteristics like,accounting management, invoice creation, inventory control with efficiency and focus to moderate your business.

Sage 50 Could not be Started

If you are not able to open your company files on Sage 50 and getting an error message on your system such like as: The Connection Manager could not start the database engine or the database reported an error.Mostly you are getting this error due to inactive firewall blocking connection, Sage folder or any malware or antivirus software.

Cause of Sage 50 Could not be Started :

  • Not running Pervasive.
  • Missing Pervasive.
  • In event Viewer an error occurred Microsoft.NET Framework.
  • Data path in correction
  • In data path missing and damaged.
  • In open status Files stuck.
  • Permissions set incorrect
  • Pervasive firewall blocking and sage 50 files.
  • Pervasive blocking antivirus.
  • Enable internet protocol Pervasive
  • Unable to ping workstation sever IP Address
  • Unable to ping workstation by name
  • Not getting computer host-name.
  • Over 12 characters computer name.
  • Hard drive space is not enough.
  • Blocking pervasive UAC.
  • Malware and virus found in PC.
  • Company data folder missing and damaged.
  • Due to incomplete install and damaged program.
  • Dropped VPN connection.
  • Compatibility mode running program.
  • Dropped VPN connection.
  • Dropping incorrect remote desktop connection drive.
  • Blocking pervasive symantec endpoint Protection.

Resolution of Sage 50 Could not be Started :

Step First : Issue of Compatibility

  • Click on Sage ICON and select Properties.
  • Select the Compatibility and remove the the check mark,run compatibility mode program.
  • Tick mark on left of Run this program as an administrator. Enable the UAE and tck mark wikk be removed.
  • Click Apply and Click on OK. 

Step Second

  • Select Start>All Programs>Sage 50 accounting>Sage 50 Help & Resource>Technical Support Utilities>Sage Advisor Diagnostic Tool
  • Select Agree button.
  • Click tests listed below and click on Run Selected Tests.
  • Check Server Access
  • Click on None and deselect all testsand click on Server Access Check and select Options.
  • Click on a different computer and enter the server name in IP Address and server name.
  • And select OK.
  • Installed windows version 8,8.1, or you can also installed windows 10.


Step Third

  • Select as Administrator and click on Maint.exc
  • Click on Repair when prompted.
  • Re-installation allow to complete.

If you are already following theses steps and still you are getting the same error on your system, at this time you need to connect with Sage 50 support number +1800-797-5219 for any queries and request. Our Sage support team is highly qualified and ready to help. Our goal is that we have to provide any assistance in a short time period. The customer can make a call on our toll free number +1800-797-5219. We are here for 24/7 to help you any time. Sage 50 Could not be Started stile arise in your PC after following the upper solution, that directly call on our toll free number. You can also contact with us by live chat fo sage.

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