Sage 50 Serial Number and Activation Key

by jonathan

Sage 50 Serial Number and Activation Key

by jonathan

by jonathan

Every accounting term and database becomes easy to handle once you have in-house Sage 50 software for your business. Before starting with the software it is important for the consumer to retrieve the Sage 50 Serial Number  Activation Key. These credentials would then further allow you to access the software with all the user and admin permissions.

Sage 50 Serial Number and Activation Key

Once you are able to login to the software with the Sage 50 serial number activation key, you will be able to use the important features of Sage 50 which would enable you to hold tight your business at every point. There are several advantages with the software in every department and at every point. All the processes are streamlined and automated which saves cost and manual efforts of the workforce.

In this piece we will guide you how to retrieve your Sage 50 serial number activation key. In case you are unable to gain the key and number you can call us our Sage 50 Technical Support Number.

All About Sage 50 Activation Key Expired Error

Sage accounting software is a complete solution for all accounting related affairs in any type of business. A simple activation key provided with the software will open a myriad of opportunities to explore and use.

The activation key and serial numbers provided with the Sage 50 software is mandatory to start using the software. It is, therefore, essential to retrieve or copy the keys before starting the activation process.

How to retrieve the Sage 50 Activation Key?

Sage 50 installation kit, with a CD, comes with a serial number at the back of the CD cover. The Serial number can help you enroll in the Sage portal, and obtain Activation key from it.

To get the activation key:

  • Go to Sage Customer Portal
  • Enter the credentials to log in to the account.
  • From MY ACCOUNT, select ‘MY ACCOUNTS’
  • Note down the ACCOUNT NUMBER provided on it. It is a very important number, which would be required anytime a reactivation needs to be done.
  • Pick the relevant Serial number, as per the nature of your account
  • Remember to note down the serial number and the activation key obtained from the portal.

You can also call our Sage customer support team or our Sage technical support team for further information.


Now, sometimes, while retrieving the activation key or while entering it, you might encounter an Error message saying the activation Key is Invalid.

Error Message: ‘Sage 50 serial number activation key Invalid’

Or ‘Activation key for Sage 50 is invalid or could not be read’

The Sage 50 software will ask for a reactivation prompt before trying to reactivate the software.

Why does this error appear?

  • The Sage software is not activated on the server
  • Invalid login credentials or incorrect permissions
  • Invalid data path
  • The persuasive database is either not running as a service or damaged
  • Files missing in Datapath
  • Serial number entered is not correct

How to resolve this issue?

The error for an invalid activation code message can be resolved by employing one of the relevant solutions (as applicable in individual cases)

Solution – 1 for activating Sage on the Server

  • Open the Sage application on the server, and click ACTIVATE
  • Check if you are receiving the error message again

Solution – 2 Restart Pervasive on Server

  • Stop the PERVASIVE on the server, and restart it once again
  • Once done, reboot the computer/server which is hosting the data
  • Now, set up configuration on the pervasive database engine to start it as a ‘SYSTEM SERVICE’

Solution – 3

Check the PERMISSIONS, FIREWALL and ANTI-VIRUS to allow SAGE and PERVASIVE through the firewall

Click SAGE application as safe for anti-virus or exclude it from anti-virus.

Solution – 4 Verifying and repairing data path

  • Check if the workstation and server have correct data path.
  • Run REPAIR on the program to check if you can activate it now

Solution 5

For older versions of Sage/Peachtree, one can use Btrieve to resolve the issue

  • To begin with, REBOOT the workstation
  • Click open the SAGE at the server
  • Click to activate SAGE or click HELP and select ABOUT SAGE 50 ACCOUNTING
  • Close SAGE 50 application
  • Now, press keys WINDOWS+R and type ‘SERVICES.MSC on the space provided


This will allow you to access the older version of the peachtree, such as Peachtree 2005. When you have finished with all changes on it,

  • Press WINDOWS+R
  • Again type SERVICES.MSC
  • Click START ‘Sage 50 Smart posting’ AND ‘Pervasive PSQL Workgroup Engine’
  • Now, try activation code to check if the INVALID code appears.

Solution – 6

  • Browse to find your DATA PATH and right-click the ‘CLIENTINFO.XML’ file, and select ‘RENAME’ option
  • In the place, change the name of the file from current name to ‘OLDCLIENTINFO.XML’
  • From the services window, right-click on the ‘Windows Management Instrumentation’ and click ‘RESTART’
  • Now, right-click on the option = ‘PERVASIVE PSQL WORKGROUP ENGINE’ and click ‘START’
  • Now, close the ‘SERVICES’ window, and try opening SAGE application to check if you can activate it.

The above-mentioned solutions should take care of the issue satisfactorily. However, in case you require any further inputs, call in our Sage tech support team for assistance. You can call their customer care number or email them regarding the issues to get a suitable resolution.

Another error message which can appear while activating the software or at a later date, whenever you need to ‘activate’ Sage 50 accounting software is :

‘Your Sage 50 Serial Number Activation Key has expired’

Why does this error – activation key expired- appear?

The reason for this ‘expiry’ message to be displayed may be due to:

  • Damaged files
  • Pervasive License – key expired
  • Anti-virus key has been damaged
  • Firewall, such as in Anti-virus software interfering with activation
  • Pervasive requires a restarting

How to resolve the activation expired error message?

The error can be resolved through any one of the following resolutions, provided the cause of the error is one of the above-mentioned ones.

Solution – 1 Expiry of temporary license key for Pervasive

  • Close Sage 50 applications
  • Click open the ‘COMPUTER’
  • Browse to the PROGRAM PATH and run ‘SageRef.exe file
  • Click ‘KEY STATUS’ tab, and select ‘ CHECK KEY STATUS
  • Check if there are any permanent key available here. In case you have it, use the key for activation. If not, proceed
  • Now, click on the SAGE 50 ACTIVATION tab, and select ACTIVATE
  • Close the window, and launch Sage 50 application, when prompted, to complete the activation process.

Solution – 2 Anti-virus interrupting activation

  • Uninstall any expired ANTI-VIRUS on your computer, or renew the subscription plan and check if Sage 50 software is activating now.

Solution – 3 Damaged files in the application

  • Close Sage 50 software, and open ‘COMPUTER’ tab to browse through the Data Path
  • If the below-mentioned files appear, delete them: Serial.dat, dat, serial.dat.bak,  Clientinfo.xml.
  • Now, reopen Sage 50 software, and try reactivating.

How to Obtain Sage Serial Number?

Solution 1

In case you have a CD of the Sage 50 software for installation, you can obtain the Sage 50 Serial Number  Activation Key from the back of the cover. Once you get the serial number you can register to the Sage portal to obtain the activation key as well.

Solution 2

  • Visit the Sage customer Portal
  • Enter your credentials to log in your account
  • In My Account select My Accounts
  • The account number which is the significant one, note it down
  • Go back to Home > My Account > products and services
  • Select the serial number according to your account relevance
  • Keep a note of serial number and activation key obtained

Enter the Sage 50 Accounting Software Serial Number

  • In the admin workstation where the data is hosted, tap Help
  • Click Sage 50 activation
  • View and tap your version of Sage 50
  • Tap Ok
  • Fill in your serial number and select ok (Sage 50 software will restart on its own)
  • In Help, go to About Sage 50 Accounting
  • Confirm the new Serial Number and tap ok if correct
  • Continue these steps for all the other featured workstations

Enter the Full key

  • In Sage 50 select > tools > upgrade program
  • Enter the account number, serial number and the activation key
  • Tap ok

Sage 50 Accounting Support

In case the reactivation is still not happening, call in our Sage 50 Serial Number Activation Key support team for help and support. Sage 50 customer support offer unending and 24*7 support to all Sage related products and some extensions. They are also available on +1-800-797-5219.

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