Sage Data Corruption and Backup

by jonathan

Sage Data Corruption and Backup

by jonathan

by jonathan

An unpremeditated change to the inside data or code of a file from its original file is termed as data corruption. Whenever a user finds it difficult to open a file, whether it belongs to a particular application or not, the situation simply indicates a problem of data corruption.

Sage Data Corruption and Backup

If you are an individual working in a company and your system is having thousands of files and they crash suddenly, it becomes a business critical problem for you. Therefore, it is essential to check for damage time to time and take relevant precautions so as not to face this situation of data corruption.

Data Corruption in Peachtree

Sage 50 is an ERP solution designed especially for small and mid-sized businesses. It connects and provides the best customer experience. It aids in generating higher revenues and making correct decisions for your business. It supports various business aspects like accounts, sales, payroll and HR and many more.

Data Corruption – Data Corruption Error in Peachtree is due to the corrupted files which are resultant of a problematic network, malfunctioning hardware or software. You cannot rely on corrupted files and hardware to run your Peachtree Software Application. You may not get any error immediately but sooner or later you may experience unwanted results.

In Sage 50, data corruption errors are encountered in the database which stores all your business data. Sage 50 is unable to directly read the data errors, hence resulting in reports with faulty numbers, which leads to inaccurate Year End Report.

Symptoms of Data Corruption – You can tell that your Data is corrupted if you experience any of these:

1) Unexpected behaviour of the software

2) Abrupt restart of your software

3) Incorrect reports being generated by your software

Reasons for Data Corruption –

1) If there’s an interruption in the transmission of data across the network, data might get corrupted.

2) Existence of an already corrupt or virus infested program or a malware. These malware damage your files either by encrypting them as deleted or hidden so that they cannot be accessed by your application.

3) Sudden surges or power cuts

4) Fluctuating voltage may affect your computer thereby affecting your data files.

5) Size of database is out of bounds.

6) Hardware malfunction.

5) The database of the company is of enormous size.

Common Resolutions to Reolve Data Corruption Issues –

1)  Ensure that you are always properly saving and closing all your open files before shutting down the system.

2) Keep your machine, network and hardware virus or malware free

3) Shutdown your system properly after saving your data files

4) Avoid using wireless network connections, as they might interfere with the normal transmission of data

5) The size of your database should not be more than 500MB, which is easier to manage.

Preventive Measures

Backups – Take regular backup of your files to avoid data loss due to power or network failure

Check Data Options – You can prevent the “Loss of Data” by using the “Check Data Options”; this will validate your data files periodically

Why Data gets Corrupted?

  • Expiry of storage device.
  • Loss of magnetic direction from the long-established hard disk drives.
  • Not shutting down of systems in a proper manner.
  • Improper ejection of hard drives and storage space devices.
  • Issues related to power.
  • Stop working of software.
  • Problems related to lock of PC.
  • Issues related to third party software.

How to Prevent the Loss of Data Saved?

With the help of check data options, check data files. It is essential to check the copy of your important data. Copy of files having errors in them is of no use.

When to take the Backup?

Taking copies of data is one of the smart moves to put a stop to computer failures or corruption of data. If you are having your hands on account program on regular basis, then make sure to take the copy of data and back it up on a regular basis. It is significant to back up each time after and before irrevocable process.

Steps to Figure out the Possibilities of Corruption:

Check Running Data

  • After opening the File menu, select the option of
  • With the help of option Check Data, recheck the data.
  • Once the files are checked, you will be able to observe progress.
  • There will be a pop up maintenance window if there would be no errors. Click OK to proceed.
  • If there would be any errors with your data, the File Maintenance Problem Report will come into view.

Software Updates

Check for regular updates and if there are any updates, then click on the Help option, then check for the updates.


System Specifications

Check whether your system meets the required recommendations of the Sage software as this may cause problems with your work, eventually causing problems like data corruption.

Get Sage Technical Support Help:

If you have lost your data and not able to understand how to fix the data corruption and backup problems, then you can look for technical support for Sage and related problems as Sage Technical Support Team is always there to help you with your queries. Also, Sage Technical Support Experts are 24*7 available to help you get out of the problems you are facing. Users can simply dial +1800-797-5219.

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