Sage Error 911911 Security Violation

by jonathan

Sage Error 911911 Security Violation

by jonathan

by jonathan

911911 Security

The Sage 50 is one of the most used software for business management. This amazing accounting software grants permission to accountants to ensure safety for an organization. To get most out of this software, one needs to install this software efficiently. Benefits of using Sage 50 software are as follows:

  • Reporting Function- The Sage 50 software has a well-built system for giving reports for inventory. One can create periodical financial reports whenever they require.
  • Improved Approximations- Helps in customizing data collected from the work staff. The software proves to be a great help in maintaining and organizing each and every single piece of information.
  • Numerous Expenditure Database- Most updated information can be easily drawn from the range of cost databases. One gets all the assembled data related to the pricing for thousands of items and manufacturers.

Keeping in mind the various above mentioned benefits, one cannot deny the few errors and 911911 Security Violation Errors is one of those error messages. One facing this type of error needs to understand the reason behind this type of error:

  • MID, a twelve-digit number is similar to the Virtual Terminal ID whereas MKEY is a twelve digit long characters and are most of the time rotate among the capital letters and numbers. Whenever MID i.e. Merchant ID and MKEY i.e. Merchant Key don’t match each other the 911911 security violation error occurs.
  • Two of a kind numerous MID-MKEY pass on.
  • No 128-bit encrypted request for transaction.
  • Hit by the virus on the system.
  • XML web series not enabled.

Steps to Overcome 911911 Security Violation Errors:

  • After going to the Settings, click on the Configuration Tab then on the IP Restrictions. To make sure that the application IP address is acceptable select the API/shopping cart tab.
  • Verify the network connectivity.
  • Update the anti-virus as to protect the system.
  • Make the updates to the system from time to time.
  • Shut your system in a proper manner.


Sage Technical Help:

If the above steps don’t prove to be of any help in solving the 911911 security violation, no need to get worried as you can speak with the Sage Technical Support Team +1800-797-5219. The Sage technical support is 24*7 available. Whenever you encounter any error related to the software, you can speak to our Sage Technical Support Experts and get professional help for your problems.

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