Sage Fixed Assets Web Chat

by jonathan

Sage Fixed Assets Web Chat

by jonathan

by jonathan

Why Sage Fixed Assets Web Chat is your Helpdesk?

The web chat allows you to chat instantly by messaging our Customer Services team via our website. We have Sage Fixed Assets Web Chat experts who are available 24/7 to answer your concerns. Instant chat option is available right on the footer. You can leave your questions for us and we’ll help you via chat.

Sage Fixed Assets Web ChatIf you are a Sage fixed asset customer, you can contact live chat support via:

  1. Go to the www.accountingissue.comt.
  2. Select the topic in which you need our assistance. You may even find some information that might help with your problem.
  3. If the information doesn’t help, click next.
  4. Select your contact method.
  5. You will see an option to request chat support. Click Web chat support.

A web chat representative will ask you to describe your problem, and do their best to talk you through possible solutions. You can dial our toll free number +1-800-797-5219.

What is Sage Fixed Asset?

Sage basically tracks the complete calculation guideline for the business, governments and non-profits. To get the most out of your Sage Fixed Assets Web Chat, you have to account for everything i.e. it includes the fixed assets even before they become fixed assets. Just think about the construction-in-progress like the projects being built, upgraded, renovated, or accumulated prior to being put in service. It is basically a multi-component equipment, machinery upgrades, and building renovations.

Features of Sage Fixed Assets:

  1. Managing depreciation: It eliminates the complicated and error prone spreadsheets. As well as it saves time and money thus managing in fixing your assets using the best depreciation calculation engine.
  2. Tracking inventory: Sage has everything you need to conduct physical fixed asset inventories.
  3. Planning projects: It tracks all of your project details including status, contacts, notes, and all the financials—plus monitor both physical and financial completion of projects.
  4. Professional Services
  5. Caring Sharing
  6. Barcode Tracking

Why we are here?

Since Sage Fixed Assets encounters all your tracking needs, it is a complicated task to install, update and upgrade the software. This is why our experts are always available online, to provide you assistance through the web chat. All you need to do is just type in your query and we handle the rest or you can even dial Sage customer support toll free number 1-800-797-5219. With our Sage fixed asset web chat support you can eliminate even a smallest confusion you have.

Sage Fixed Assets Basic Error Guide.

Here is one such basic error which occurs in the Sage Fixed Assets and their description. You can also find the resolution for the following error. This will help you in solving this problem if you are facing while working on the Sage Fixed Assets.

# Error: “This report was not created using Sage Fixed Assets – Reporting”

  1. Unable to open the report via the Fixed Assets Program in any of the Reports/ Reporting/ open existing reports.
  2. Error: this report was not created using Sage report writer.
  3. Error: “This report was not created using the Sage Fixed Assets – Reporting. It should be opened with the application used to create it.”
  4. This report is from the previous version of the SAP Crystal reports: File: <path to file> Do you want to over write it with the latest format?
  1. Open Report directly in Crystal 2011: Go to Start, Programs, Sage, Crystal Reports 2011 for Sage.
  2. In Crystal opens, go to File, Open, Browse to and select the desired report, Click Open.
  3. Go to File, Summary Info…, Clear the contents of the Comments and Title field.
  4. Copy the contents of the Template field into the Comments field.
  5. Go to Database, Verify Database, If prompted: Select the correct assets database, click Finished, Click on OK once the database has been verified.
  6. Remove any Parameters Fields from the report.
  7. Refresh the report, Click Save, Click Yes to the message “This report is from a previous version of SAP Crystal Reports: File: <path to file> Do you want to overwrite it with the latest format?”

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