Sage Network access for Multi-user Mode Issues

by jonathan

Sage Network access for Multi-user Mode Issues

by jonathan

by jonathan

Sage Accounting Software aids in keeping a track of mid-level and small enterprises. This software is very easy to use and operate. It requires minimal technical knowledge by the user to work on it. It monitors your business purchase, sales, cash inflow and outflow, budgets, payroll, employee management, tax filing and many more.

Sage Network accessSteps to set up Multi User Mode is Sage

  1. Install Sage on all your machines where you are going to use it.
  2. On your Server machine C: drive (root directory) create a New Folder.
  3. Share the folder created and grant permissions to the user to modify the contents of the folder.
  4. Rename the folder created and save your data.
  5. Go to the Setup Setting and create users. Select “Modify” and re-generate the password for ‘sysadmin’ user. Make sure that all ‘rights’ are given to ‘sysadmin’ and this user cannot be deleted.
  6. Next, go to “Add Users” and create new users along with the password. Depending on the User created each user can have individual roles and rights.
  7. Once done, click on the Close button and switch on multi-user mode from your File Menu.

Issues in Multi User Mode

  • Whenever you open a Sage Software for a big company, where the number of users is more, software will take longer time to start.
  • Due to network damage, company data files with related data error are in many.

To Resolve the above stated issues follow the given resolutions

  • Always generate a “Backup File”. To create a “backup” file follow the given steps-

1) Go to File menu and select “Backup Company” and the click on “Create local backup folder.”

2) Click on “Local Backup”.

3) Save the file on your desired location and click OK.

4) Click on Next button to generate the backup of your files.

  • Avoid opening a shortcut icon as they might create errors. Instead, open it normally, and select your current company so that it will minimize the multi-user issues
  • Ensure that your company acquires “Multi User Licence” for each of the users or any additional machine that you are going to use
  • Remove all the data files which do not support Multi User Mode and Refresh your data.


Sage Accounting Software is the most preferable accounting application which is growing at a significant rate. This software is a one stop solution for all your business requirements. We at Sage Support Service provide you support for all the available products. Sage Technical Support team is always there to provide quality assistance.

Sage Technical Help:

If you are not satisfied with the solutions provided and need further assistance from Sage technical support, you can contact Sage support number. They are third-party consultancy who provides Sage assistance worldwide. To contact them, call on their customer support toll-free number 1800-797-5219. You can get in touch with them at any point in time as they provide 24*7 customer assistance.

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