Sage Timeslips Online Chat Support

by jonathan

Sage Timeslips Online Chat Support

by jonathan

by jonathan

Why Sage Timeslips Chat Support is your Helpdesk?

The online chat support enables the Sage users to contact the customer support anytime. The Sage experts are sitting online just to make sure your work runs smoothly. Whenever you have any doubt or query you can dial the toll free number of the Sage customer support 1-800-797-5219 or you can go to the website of the Sage. There is an option of Online Chat Support which allows you to chat with the Sage expert instantly. It is the most simple and the easiest way to get connected with the Sage experts instantly. As they are online, they can instantly provide you with the solutions of your problem. This option of chat is available on the right side at the end of the browser.

Sage Timeslips Chat Support

If you are a Sage Timeslips customer, you can contact online chat support via:

  • Go to the on your browser.
  • Select the topic in which you need help or you are having the problem. You may get some information that might help with your issues.
  • If the information doesn’t help and you don’t get any results then, click next.
  • Select your contact method, so that the Sage expert can get in touch with you.
  • You will see an option to request chat support. Click Text chat support.

The online chat support expert will ask you in detail about your problem, and they will do their best to talk you through possible solutions.

What is Sage Timeslips?

Sage Timeslips is exceptional software which has a capability of comprehensive timekeeping and billing solution for your work. It helps you in taking better control over your billing software. It is an ideal solution for any firms who want the see the conversion of staff time into more money i.e. results in profit. It is designed in such a way that it simplifies even the most complex billing cycles. This complex billing cycles engages you’re so much time that you tend lose a lot of time which you could have utilized elsewhere. The basic function of the Sage Timeslips is to collect and make a record for the time and the expenses, and create the invoices from their information. It creates an extensive invoice and makes a customized report which has the ability to deliver the invoices through an email. It also has a seamless two way link with the Microsoft Outlook for the email, appointments, etc. which make your work faster and a lot easier. Timeslips have very easy-to-use and prominent features like detailed time and expense tracking, project reporting, custom billing format on a per-client basis and a full accounts receivable tracking.

Features of Sage Timeslips :

  • It designs a flexible “WYSIWYG” bill and report.
  • You can find an email bill delivery option.
  • It can print bills to text, RTF, or PDF formats as per the user requirements.
  • It allows the use of credit card and electronic payment processing.
  • It is always in full amalgamation with Microsoft the Outlook contacts and calendars.
  • It has a feature of bank deposit slip reconciliation.
  • It has a flawless integration with Peachtree and QuickBooks.

Why we are here?

Since the Sage Timeslips is the solution for your entire time keeping and billing solution, it gives you ample of time which you can utilize in some other work. But as this can be complex software you may have some queries regarding it. You can just get in touch with the Sage Timeslips Chat Support and they can clear all your doubts. These sage experts are 24*7 online, so that whenever anyone has a query they can clear it. You just have to type your query in the dialog box of the chat menu and we will handle the rest.


Sage Timeslips Basic Error Guide.

#Error: BDE Error

Description: It is known as Borland Database Error. This error generally occurs when you open your Sage Timeslips or any other database. This error message indicates that the setting of the workstations is too low.


  • Close the Timeslips.
  • Open the Station Administrator in the Timeslips Program Group.
  • The go to the Choose Options, then click on Diagnoses This Computer option.
  • Finally click on OK.
  • If you find any Fix buttons on the screen, click or select them but just one option at a time.
  • When the Station Administrator finishes correcting all the errors or problems, Click on Done.
  • Now close the Station Administrator.
  • Now reopen the Timeslips to see whether the error is corrected or not.

Talk to us

Help chat with our experts online or have us call you right away. You can also schedule a time for our customer support unit to call you whenever you’re ready. Answer a few questions and we’ll give you the most suitable options.

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