Fix TSYS Sage Error Code

by Martin

Fix TSYS Sage Error Code

by Martin

by Martin

Sage 50 is business management software. Sage 50 is accounting software which makes account tasks simpler. This software can be used in all categories of business from small to mid sized to make their account related work hassle free.

TSYS Sage Error Code

The software gives highest priority to keep its data safe and secure. In spite of cloud hosting the company makes sure to keep its data safe. As a result of cloud hosting, the data and files can be accessed from anywhere. This feature makes it more user-friendly and collaborative. Updating the files and folders is also simple as it can be accessed from anywhere. As a result money management becomes easy. Creating invoice and making the budget is also simple with this software.

Occasional errors may pop up sometimes. Comprehensive list of errors is present with Sage; those errors can easily be resolved with expert guidance in no time. Errors can also be categorised as decline error code and gateway error code. Decline error occurs when bank declines the transaction and gateway error occurs when merchant gateway does not permit the transaction.


TSYS is elaborated as Total System Services is one stop solution for credit card issuing, payment processing, and merchant acquiring in United States. TSYS along with Sage provides total payment solution. Some of the TSYS Sage 50 error codes are listed below along with their status meaning for better understanding.

Error code

Error status



Approval Approval of Transaction
00 or 85 Address match

Address got matched


Term ID error Invalid Merchant ID meaning merchant ID is not matched


Error XXXX General error
12 Invalid Trans

Invalid Transaction


Amount error Entered amount was not accepted
14 Card No. Error

Invalid Card


RE ENTER Re enter transaction
39 No credit ACCT

No credit account


No Reply File not available on temporary basis
61 Decline

Exceed of limit


No account Unavailable account


Wrong PIN

Wrong pin entered

54 Expired card

Expiry of card


Encryption error Card cannot be decrypted
75 PIN Exceeded

Number of tries to enter the PIN number has crossed the limit


Approval Check was OK and was converted


Amount Error Amount exceeded the limit
T5 Duplicate Number

Check number was duplicate

CV Failure CV

Failure of card verification


Failure HV Failed hierarchy verification
N4 Decline

Issuers withdrawal limit has exceeded

86 Can’t Verify PIN

PIN cannot be verified

Technical Support by Our Sage Tech Support Team:

If a customer comes across above listed errors then there is no reason to panic.  All these errors can be resolved by our highly experienced Sage Technical Support Team. They are available 24/7 and 365 days to provide support for all the queries and errors related to Sage on +1800-797-5219.

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