Your Activation Key For Sage 50 Has Expired

by jonathan

Your Activation Key For Sage 50 Has Expired

by jonathan

by jonathan

Sage 50 has opened the new perspective of managing the accounting and business for small scale and medium scale organizations. With its exceptional features Sage 50 accounting software has become the preferred choice of the clients. Sage accounting software will allow you to get the tricky tasks of managing the business payrolls and transactions done in no time.

Activation Key For Sage 50 Has Expired

It allows you to keep a track of even smaller details related to your accounting. You can always go back and track the transactions done in past. It helps in preparing a budget that is more predictable and up-to-the-mark. It ensures that all your accounting tasks and issues are managed in easiest possible way. As goes with all other software, you could face some errors while working on Sage 50 as well. We are going to discuss one such error which is Your Activation Key For Sage 50 Has Expired.

Causes of Your Activation Key For Sage 50 Has Expired are:

  • Pervasive Licensed key is expired
  • Anti-virus you are using is expired
  • Files are damaged
  • Analyzer of Pervasive 9.1 and Pervasive 9.1 itself is still installed
  • DNS or Domain Name System not working
  • Firewall blocking by antivirus
  • Have to restart the Pervasive needs


Step I: Expired Temporary Pervasive License key

  • Firstly close the Sage 50
  • Then open your computer
  • Browse the program path
  • Then run the Run SageReg.exe
  • Then choose the tab of Key Status
  • Then tap on the Check Key State button
  • If you are able to get the Permanent key in the column of Licensed Type then stop there only, if not then continue with the next step
  • Click on the tab of Sage 50 Activation
  • Then tap on Active button
  • When you receive the instructions then get the Activation window closed and launch Sage 50 so that Activation is complete

Step II: Activation process is blocked by Anti-virus

  • Renew the expired Anti-virus subscription plan or uninstall it
  • Verify and check carefully that the edition of Sage 50 is now activated and open

Step III: Files are Damaged

  • Close the Sage 50
  • Then open the computer
  • Now in the related resources browse towards the data path
  • Then carefully delete these files:
  • dat.bak
  • dat
  • xml
  • dat
  • Then get the Sage 50 reopened
  • Check whether the program is getting activated successfully, if not then head towards the next section

Step IV: Pervasive Installation is damaged

  • Close the Sage 50
  • Then try to restart the Pervasive before you uninstall it
  • Remove every other Pervasive’s installed version
  • Then get the Sage 50 opened
  • Check that the program successfully gets activate, if not try following the next step

Step V: Sage 50 Files are Damaged

  • Close the Sage 50
  • Then get the Sage 50 uninstalled
  • After that install the Sage 50 again
  • Then open the Sage 50
  • Now, check that the program is activated successfully or not, if you still receive the error then you can also get in touch with the Sage tech support team


Step VI: Analyzer of Pervasive 9.1 and Pervasive 9.1 is still installed

  • Close the Sage 50
  • Remove the Pervasive’s installed version, if any
  • Then open the Sage 50
  • Check if the program is successfully activated or not

Step VII: IP of is returned by Server

  • This issue is related with the configuration of DNS servers

In order to get the detailed solutions of these steps, you can get in touch with our Sage tech support helpdesk. We take the guarantee that there is not a single question that Accountingissue Sage product help team can’t answer as they are highly experienced. Dial +1-800-797-5219.

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